Selling my beautiful very tamed male and female african grey parrot. DNA sexed. 11 months old and very friendly, she will let you touch her, stroke her head and will sit with you out for a long time. She also likes cuddle a lot. She is not noisy, and very well behaved bird. She likes being out of the cage and will fly to you. Just want her to go to a loving home. only WhatsApp +18167752282 or e...
African greys hand reared there is 2 females one male DNA certificates Close rung cities A10 certificates ready to go to to new homes very tame can be handled member of the parrot society +1 716 588 0117 tHANKS. Ad number: #385376704 Contact: fuh City: Dallas, TX Zip: 75201 Price: $650
African Grey birds are self-confident birds that can develop excellent vocabularies and can speak very clearly.African Greys also love to precisely imitate strange sounds, such as the key in the lock or the sound of the telephone.Tending to be quieter birds, African Greys appreciate peaceful household environments. They are often quite cuddly andenjoy a good skritching.If inetrested contact us ...
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