Like New - Basket sits in tray so drippings gather there instead of soaking into food. Great for frying shrimp, chicken, potatoes,etc
Highlighting the national monuments, parks, roads, etc is not only beneficial for attracting tourists but the brighter and visible ambiance looks more effective and ambient as well. The first option that comes in our mind while highlighting the outdoor places are the LED pole lights that can make the dark place look brighter and safer as well, You can install 150w LED Pole Lights to create best...
LEDMyPlace being a leading online seller of LED pole lights regularly keeps coming up with the newest kind of LED Pole Lights having wattages, color temperatures and lumen efficacy to provide you with highly efficient street or highway lighting, parking lot lighting, billboard lighting, or even yard lighting. Of late, LEDMyPlace recently came up with LED pole lights in 150W and 300W. Not only t...
Kinzi Digital Touch Kitchen Scale (12 lbs Edition). Tempered Glass in Clean White. Brand New.
Tea Pot from the Japanese Iwachu company. Ones like have sold for up to 150 on other sites
Sure Heat BRO18NG Sure Heat Burnt River Oak Vented Gas Log Set, 18-Inch for Natural Gas Fireplaces. High Performance embers glow twice as bright as standard embers for the look of a realistic wood burning fire. Fits all fireplaces with minimum dimensions of 28" front width; 15" Depth and 21" back width Requires an open and working flue. Includes instructions and original packaging.
Wonderful for parties! You have the bottle holder, small bowl , napkin holder, and dish for limes.
This Mr. Coffee works well. You just can t see the time or coffee strength. Since I m moving I have to get rid of it.