yesterdayMesquite, TX+14 milesItems Wanted
Anyone getting rid of coupon inserts from their dallas morning news subscriptions?
yesterdayPlano, TX+17 milesItems Wanted
I am moving before March end and would like to see if anyone has boxes. I can pick up anytime.
this weekGarland, TX+14 milesItems Wanted
If you have a spare full size bed in good condition it would be appreciated.
I am looking for a Singer Sewing Machine, and would love to have a cabinet with it. Thanks!
Hello! I'm making this post today in search of any furniture someone may be getting rid of throwing away or willing to pass on to someone who needs it. Recently moved into my first apartment and don't have any furniture besides a dining room table and a fold-out chair. Really hoping someone has a couch or loveseat because I'm tired of sitting on the floor! Lol I'm not picky about quality or wha...
Trees now growing where grass no longer grows beneath. Requesting groundcover, ivy, ajuga,or anything else that may grow well under trees. Taking cuttings, new, extras are all very much appreciated. As now the dirt just washes away. Thank you!
I have an Honda Civic 1999 car and it's not practically moving again due to an overheating issue which has affected the engine. Moving around has been so difficult.
this weekIrving, TX+10 milesItems Wanted
Hello making this post here as well in the Dallas group! looking for furniture that someone may be throwing away or willing to give away! Just moved into my first new apartment and it is absolutely empty minus the few personal items. I am not picky about the quality or what the furniture is mostly in need of a couch or chair to sit in but willing to take anything! Thanks in advance
this weekIrving, TX+10 milesItems Wanted
Just moved into a new place and anyone who has an old Hammer screwdriver or maybe leftover nails would really help!
this weekPlano, TX+17 milesItems Wanted
Anyone have any plants they are dividing or getting rid of? I could put them to good use. Thanks in advance.
this weekPlano, TX+17 milesItems Wanted
I need a few logs or large branches for a backyard project. Would also accept any used railroad ties.
I am looking for a woman s bike that is comfortable and I can use in Liu of vehicle to take to the store. I am 5 7 . I don t want one where the handlebars curve under as I have back problems. Love to the you all. Great mission! Melanie Kirk 469-332-9400
I'm in desperate need for a mattress. Full, or higher. I'm disabled and is in a lot of pain from sleeping on the floor last night.
days agoGarland, TX+14 milesItems Wanted
I have a friend in need of drawers. The bedroom is upstairs with vaulted ceilings that allow very little height for anything. Thank you
days agoPlano, TX+17 milesItems Wanted
Has your child outgrown their pull-ups? I am looking for pull-ups or goodnights that would fit a special needs student of mine. Pull-ups with the sides that open/close in 4T-5T fit and probably a size small "goodnights." Thank you for reading this post!
I would like a woman's bicycle to use as a means of transportation. Thank you in advance for any offer
days agoPlano, TX+17 milesItems Wanted
Looking for a banana stand - with or without fruit bowl. Or heavy duty kitchen hook for mounting under cabinet.