This print by Colleen Pawlaved will trick your eyes. This print is 86 of 300. This print was purchased about 15 yrs.ago in Albany TX at a store next to Blanton-Caldwell Sports. The frame is 42tall x 29w.The price is $150.00 U.S.
ImportedAuthentic and beautiful rebozo weaved on backstrap looms by artisans in Mexico. Made of cotton, acrylic fiber, and silk. Warm and soft.Versatile garment, usually folded or wrapped around the head or upper body to shade from the sun, provide warmth and as an accessory to an outfit. Additionally it can be used as blanket, bed throw, yoga mat, tablecloth, etc, adding fantastic color to any...
Need room for few months to save mone for apt near 11 yr old special needs son. Work full time, looming for 2nd job